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A FunTear is a handmade product and is completely custom built. To receive a quote for your dream trailer please fill out the form below as completely as possible. We can provide you with sound advice and help you make choices to many issues concerning the construction of a customized vehicle.

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    What type commercial FunTear are you interested in?(obligated)

    What size FunTear are you interested in?(obligated)

    What is the indication of the total weight? (max weight of empty FunTear is 1000 kg)?

    Do you need sales hatches? (obligated)?

    Do you want to buy your own equipment or do you want us to do that (obligated)?


    Specify the equipment you need

    What is the budget for your FunTear all included (obligated)

    What is your sales or rental concept for the FunTear?

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