Commercial Funtear

Jan 21, 2019

Funtear Retro XXL Promo Trailer

Giant Retro XXL Promotrailer. This one was build for Digital Broadcasting Norway

FunTear Retro Travel Trailers

riveted aluminium handbuild aircraft style structures for recreation and travel

FunTear Retro Promo Trailers

custom build aluminium riveted structures for commercial use like promotions, roadshows or as a foodtruck

Funtear Commercial Aircraft Style Trailers

Funtears are great and distinctive promotional trailers. Available in sizes between 3.10m and 11.50m

Funtear Interior Designs

Funtears are monocoque structures. You can build in any interior you want and as often as you want

Retro Aircraft style structures 
aluminium | red cedar wood | fiber

Commercial FunTear Trailers

 Food Trucks Glamping & Camping Event Trailers | Bar Wagens | Promos

FunTears are stunning trailers and therefore very suitable for, for example, rental on campsites (glamping), as a sales car for catering companies, as a mobile office, mobile showroom or as a bar. The possibilities are limitless.

A FunTear Commercial Trailer (Silver Bullet) starts at € 14.950 (ex VAT) !!!!

FunTear Retro Commercial Versions for:

    • Mobile homes or chalets on innovative campsites & resorts (glamping)
    • Sales car for caterers from sushi to hamburgers
    • Bar car or wine bar
    • Food Truck and Food Trailer
    • Mobile meeting room (Google House on Wheels)
    • Mobile showroom
    • Mobile presentation room
    • Mobile cinema
    • Event Trailer
    • Stage Trailer

Our commercial Retro versions are available in the standard dimensions of 3.10 meters (Reet Petite), 4.5 meters (QT), 5.90 meters (SA and TA) and the large 6.80 meters (XL). Also for sale in larger sizes (XLE, XXL and XXXL) and even expertly adapted classic Airstream shells can be supplied and converted by us if desired. Our FunTear Teardrop models are available from € 14.950 (Silver Bullet). All cars are supplied as standard with individual type approval, NL registration or an export registration number with IGK documents.

Call us for an appointment at +31 88 – 11 61 200 and come see the many examples that we can show you.

Building times and delivery time.
The construction time of a Funtear averages between 6-8 weeks. Delivery time depends on many factors such as availability of production slots and the supply of parts. From January 1, 2017 it is possible to buy a fixed production lock (fixed start of production) with us with which you can determine the desired delivery time. By buying a production lock in time, it is possible to determine the delivery time in advance. Buying a production lock is only applicable to customers for whom the delivery time is of great importance. Buying a production lock is of course not mandatory.

René Leenders

René Leenders


founder & sales

Funtear | Retro models

Funtear Retro models range from 4.50m lenght to 10.10m. Basic models include interior metal and are ready to be fitted out with your own design floorplan


4.5 m

single axle


5.90 m

single axle


5.90 m

twin axle


7.30 m

twin axle


8.70 m

twin axle


10.10 m

twin axle