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FunTear Food Trailers & Food Trucks

Retro starting € 19.950 Teardrop starting € 13.950 ex vat

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FunTear Retro Caravans are in high demand for all kinds of catering purposes. There is a trend using aircraft style caravans, like our FunTear Retro vehicles, as food trucks or food trailers. The appealing 1950’s retro style in combination with handcrafted craftsmanship and the strong frame construction is the magic combination. FunTear custom builds specially constructed commercial vehicles starting at € 23.950 for the Retro models and € 14.995 for teardrops ex vat.

FunTear Retro comes in 7 different sizes starting 3.10 meters (9 FT) and has some real benefits compared to standard tourers or American brands like Airstream or Silverstreak. Those frequently used trailers are basically not designed for your job!. The FunTear Retro is constructed on a strong welded frame, making a sales hatch an integral part of the vehicle. The floor comes in last, is not part of the construction and is fully waterproof. A FunTear does not contain parts that can rust, rot or decay. A FunTear is truly ‘Build for Life’!

The smallest FunTear we build is the FunTear Reet Petite. Just a 3.10 meter shell on a single axle chassis. Lightweight and agile. Made for festivals and street food setups! Picture the FunTear Reet Petite as a espresso bar or ice vending unit!
Other units we have is the bigger FunTear Retro II QT, The SA, The TA and the big XL or even bigger XLE,XXL or XXXL!

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