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The FunTear Retro II should certainly be described as a real headturner. An ideal base for Glamping. Glamping is a combination of the words glamor and camping, and recently became very popular with various recreational enterprises. Widely outdated mobile homes are being replaced to deluxe copies in which the FunTear Retro in Glamping implementation is a popular caravan.

The FunTear Retro II Glamping is, like all other FunTears, built entirely on customer demand where the mobile homes are often fitted with a permanent connection for the bathroom and hot waterr supply. Many additional luxuries such as a special awning, a wooden deck terrace with nice furniture, Roast Chief BarBQ’s and even with a jacuzzi makes FunTear Retro II a popular rental property.

Our caravans can be found presently on campsites in the Netherlands, France and Italy.

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