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Is FunTear Retro the Dutch Airstream?

FunTear is the sole Dutch manufacturer of aircraft style caravans. Aircraft style caravans are first introduced by William Haley Bowlus in the 1930’s with the Bowlus Road Chief.

In the years after the 2nd World War, the popularity of this type of caravan becomes apparent and creates various brands that are involved in the construction. Among the best known brands are Bowlus Road Chief, Airstream, Silver Streak, Curtis Wright, Avion and Streamline. Of all the manufacturers, Airstream by far is the best known. That’s actually because owner Wally Byam in the 1950s created a caravan  club with which he added an experience to his brand. Nowadays event marketing is common business practice for almost every brand.

Because Airstream is so well known, many people identify aircraft style caravan with this brand. In that sense you can therefore say that  FunTear is the Dutch Airstream. FunTears, however, are constructed quite differently on the basis of a monocoque construction and frame without wooden floor. This makes a FunTear firmer and better suited for use as an event or as a Food Truck trailer.

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