Funtear Fiber

Starting at 2.95m lenght

Funtear Fiber

Funtear Fiber is the composite shell version of our classic retro models. Especially made with a service hatch for bar or foodtrailers.

Funtear Fiber

The Funtear Composite Shell
2.95m | 4.2m | 5.45m | 6.70m

Funtear Retro fiber 30

 Funtear Retro Fiber 30 is the smallest composite shell trailer we manufacture (295 cm). The Funtear Thirty Fiber sits on a single axle13″ chassis platform. Ready to be equipped for a bar or food trailer.

Funtear Retro fiber 50

Fiber is the budget friendly version of our classic riveted aluminium trailers. We build these units especially with a rear door and a sales hatch to be used as a foodtrailer. This unit has a 5.45m shell on a 13″ chassis platform.

Funtear Retro fiber 70

The Twin axle Funtear Fiber for a max load of 3500 kg. The heavy duty Funtear Foodtruck comes with a 3 meter wide sales hatch. The shell size is 6.70 m. This big trailer is great for burgers & fries

Funtear Fiber Series

Funtear Fiber is our fiberglass trailer made especially for more harsh conditions. Great for a bar trailer, catering or foodtruck. The Funtear Fiber is the composite shell version of our own classic retro design. The use of a composite shell makes the Funtear Fiber less labor intensive and easier to build. The Funtear Fiber comes in 4 basic lengths (2.95m – 4.2m – 5.45m – 6.70m) and is equipped with a rear door and a service hatch on the streetside.

The Funtear Fiber shell only will come in space grey primer ready for your own color choice. Of course you can pick any other color you like to match your brands corporate identity and put on appropriate signing. The Funtear Fiber is fitted out as a complete ready to go shell. We can also supply you with a variety of stainless steel worktops. Funtear is in favor of the KISS principal. Keep It Safe and Simple. Don’t overload your foodtruck with too much equipment. Use replaceable components so you can switch to all sorts of services with ease. 

The Funtear Fiber Series is available as Premium Classic model or as Economy model.


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René Leenders

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Funtear: The Difference Is In The Details!

Funtear Structures is your business partner for custom build aircraft style structures. We build our units in riveted aluminum, red cedar wood or glasfiber. There is always a version that fits your budget.

Funtear has a large model range of retro trailers, 5th wheels, motorhomes, lodges, waterhouses and food trucks . With the different shell materials we have offerings for every possible realistic budget starting € 14.995 ex VAT.

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