Funtear Retro XL Promo Edition

The 7.30m Funtear Retro trailer. You can order in plain, polished or
anodized SSL aluminium

FunTear Retro XXXL

The mega XXXL edition

10.10m long custom build Funtear

FunTear Retro XL

custom build interior for mobile office

Funtear Mobile Showroom

Custom build Funtear for Tesla Motors

funtear Reet petite

the 4.50m long single axle tourer
choose your own custom interior

Funtear promo

Funtear Retro

the 4.50m long single axle tourer
standard service hatch and rear door

stage trailers

the 4.50m long single axle tourer
mobile office or roadshow unit

commercial purpose vehicles


Funtear Promo & Event trailers


Experience is the magic word when it comes to events and shows. This is where our FunTears connect to your audience. FunTears are made to attract attention. FunTears are available in bright mirror shine polished aluminium or classy brushed SSL anodized aluminium. FunTear gives your promotion trailer the real wow-factor!

There is a commercial FunTear available for every purpose. As an event trailer, a food trailer, mobile conference room, dressing room, stage…. you name it- we build it.

FunTears come in various lengths:

FunTear Reet Petite – 3.10 meter shell (4.35 overall length)
FunTear Retro II QT – 4.5 meter shell (5.65 overall length)
FunTear Retro II SA – 5.90 meter shell (7.15 overall length)
FunTear Retro II TA – 6.80 meter shell (8.05 overall length)
FunTear Retro II XL – 7.30 meter shell (9.25 overall length)
FunTear Retro II XXL – 8.80 meter shell (10.05 overall length

Most wanted options on the FunTear are the rear entrance door, various sales hatches, stage doors, and the hatch back version. The Funtear is also available in a glass fiber version. This single wall trailer may be an option when insulation is not a key feature.


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funtear promotional purpose




  • Shell lenght 3.10m – 10.10m
  • Shell width 2.20m
  • Wallistic fluid tight flooring
  • Custom Interiors
  • TV monitor wiring and supports
  • Sound systems
  • Kitchenette
  • 2D and 3D floorplans
  • Dinettes and sofa’s
  • Tables and chairs
  • Stabilisors
  • Movers
  • Stage blocks
  • Custom awnings


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4.5 m

single axle


5.90 m

single axle


5.90 m

twin axle


7.30 m

twin axle


8.70 m

twin axle


10.10 m

twin axle

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Funtear: The Difference Is In The Details!

Funtear Structures is your business partner for custom build aircraft style structures. We build our units in riveted aluminum, red cedar wood or glasfiber. There is always a version that fits your budget.

Funtear has a large model range of retro trailers, 5th wheels, motorhomes, lodges, waterhouses and food trucks . With the different shell materials we have offerings for every possible realistic budget starting € 14.995 ex VAT.

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