FunTear Production

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FunTear Retro II Production

FunTear Retro II Production

FunTear Structures (retro caravans, cabins, teardrops and campers) are built  in our own factory in Boxtel NL. For our interior joinery we have a private furniture workshop. More than 400 man-hours are spent in the production of an average FunTear. FunTears are handbuilt according to the architectural style of the 1950s. We adopted the design characteristics of that time such as the use of 13 top segments, flanged edges for strength and the use of more than 3,500 rivets. On the inside we use aluminum and the interior endcaps are also segmented.

For each client we build the FunTears entirely on customer requirements. Fully customized, starting with the desired weight of the caravan, teardrop or motorhome. The choice of materials is important when it comes to the weight. Many modern materials as well as the aluminum are light weight. We can already build a completely outfitted FunTear starting at 800 kg.

The construction of a FunTear is done in accordance with a fixed process. A FunTear is build for life; a 100% monocoque welded frame and we do not use wood or parts that can rust on our road trailers.

This is how we produce FunTears!:

  • construction and assembly of chassis with single or dual axle
  • construction of self-supporting welded cage
  • placement of cage on the chassis with bolts
  • applying coating on cage
  • installing exterior siding
  • sealing of segments and apply a water-resistant coating
  • installing wiring, drains and gas where possible
  • placement of a waterproof floor (can also be very lightweight if that is an issue)
  • insulation of the bodywork
  • Application of interior metal sheets (endcaps also segmented)
  • creation and placement of the door
  • placement of windows
  • placement of hatches
  • placement of joinery


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