Funtear Reet Petite Foodtruck

Our 4m foodtruck in a Bright SSL aluminium edition

Funtear Retro SA Foodtruck

Funtear Retro SA Foodtruck in use for pizza vending

Funtear Foodtruck

Double hatch edition in a 5.90 m Funtear Retro SA

Funtear Foodtruck Small

The mobile showroom Funtear has build for tesla Motors

Funtear Foodtruck QT Trailer

Ice cream parlor in a Funtear Retro QT

Reet petite FOODTRUCK

the 3.10m long single axle mini Funtear
great for ice cream, coffee bar or sandwich


Retro Foodtruck QT

the 4.50m long single axle trailer
standard service hatch and rear door

Retro foodtruck TA

the 5.90m long twin axle unit
3500 kg max load, rear door

catchy headturning foodtrucks

Funtear Foodtrucks

The typical American retro style makes the Funtear a great foodtruck. In mirror shine polish or a classy stainless steel look. Funtear Retro is the base trailer for our foodtrucks and they all come with a rear door standard and a maximum width service hatch. Of course we can purpose-build everything on your Funtear. Our Foodtruck Series come with a couple of standard features. Sizes vary starting from 3.10m for our small Funtear Reet Petite.

The FunTear Foodtruck Series are available in the classic riveted aluminium shell (Retro) and in PVC Fiber (Fiber).

FunTear Retro Foodtruck Series:

  • Funtear Reet Petite – 3.10m
  • Funtear Foodtruck QT – 4.50m
  • Funtear Foodtruck SA- 5,90m
  • Funtear Foodtruck TA – 5.90m twin
  • Funtear Foodtruck XL – 7.30m twin

Funtear Fiber Foodtruck Series:

  • Funtear 35 Fiber – 3.50m
  • Funtear 55 Fiber – 5.50m
  • Funtear 75 Fiber – 7.50m

Our FunTear Foodtruck models start at € 19.750 ex VAT EXW

Call us for an appointment at 088 – 11 61 200 and come see the many examples that we can show you.

Building and delivery time.
The construction time of Funtear Foodtrucks averages between 4-8 weeks. Delivery time depends on many factors such as availability of production slots and the supply of parts. It is possible to buy a fixed production slot (fixed start of production) with us, so you can determine the desired delivery time. By buying a production slot in time, it is possible to determine the delivery time in advance. Buying a production lock is only applicable to customers for whom the delivery time is of great importance. Buying a production slot is of course not mandatory.


Funtear Foodtruck additions




  • Shell lenght 3.10m – 10.10
  • Shell width 2.20m
  • Max load choice: 1300 kg | 1800 kg | 3500kg
  • Door on curb side (starting 5.90 size)
  • Extraction Hood
  • Stainless Steel Worktops
  • Fryers
  • Fridges
  • Water + tanks
  • Grills & BBQ
  • Coffee Machines
  • Pizza Ovens
  • Bar equipment


Get Yours Now!

Funtear retro foodtrucks

  • 3.10 – 10.10m shell sizes
  • rear door and sales hatch standard
  • 600 – 2500 kg empty weight
  • 1500-1800-3500 kg max load
  • plain, polished, SSL, colored shell

funtear retro high five

  • 11.50m shell
  • rear axle and king pin dish coupler
  • electric brake system
  • 3500 kg max load
  • plain, polished, SSL, colored shell

Funtear retro interiors

  • great matching sofa’s, tables booths
  • pick your own kitchen unit
  • let us make a 3D design

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