FunTear Laboratory

where exciting ideas come to life!

At FunTear exiting ideas come to life. New developments in the world are eminent. For our tourers  we are working to see how we can make our larger caravans a little smaller by using various types of ‘slide outs’. Regarding our designs, we have been studying for some time on the FunTear 3.0 – based on the basic the principles  from the start of aircraft design trailers (light, aerodynamic, aluminum and luxury), translated to the possibilities of today! For commercial vehicles, we have a turntable swiveled trailer in development, that ensures that we can hitch to a wagon without vertical load. You can use a smaller vehicle to tow it and can differ more with the front weight of the trailer.

What’s in the FunTear Lab?

      • FunTear Reet Petite -> realised 2014 (small food truck)
      • Funtear FunBeer -> realised 2016 (mobile beer brewery)
      • FunTear Woody ->realised 2017 (cedar shingled skin)
      • Funtear Cabin -> realised 2018 (based on large mobile home chassis)
      • Funtear Glamping -> realised 2020 (based on Funtear Retro Alu as static unit in 245 cm width)
      • Funtear High Five -> realised 2020 (5th wheel version of Funtear Retro)
      • Funtear Fiber -> realised 2019 (fiberglass replica of Funtear Retro Alu)
      • FunTear Bread Box-> breadbox shaped FunTear Structure based on our frame construction
      • Funtear Quiosque -> stand alone sales unit
      • FunTear Big Bullet -> the bigger version of our acklaimed Silver Bullet Teardrop
      • FunTear Canned Ham Caravan ->aluminium trailer with the famous USA Canned Ham designs
      • FunTear Vroom -> our own motorhome based on the Mercedes Sprinter Chassis
      • FunTear Retro Swivel -> Swiveled hitch
      • FunTear Double Back -> Slide from the back in the Retro SA
      • FunTear Retro Slide -> Slides on the sides
      • FunTear Leisure Chalet -> Guest houses for leisure parks and campings. Currently know as Funtear Cabin Lodge
      • FunTear Float – A floating chalet build on a boat. That’s the Holland Experience all the way
      • FunTear@Home -> a guest house or a gardenhouse based on our unique FunTear shell
      • FunTuc -> eyecatching foodtruck design combining a TucTuc with a tiny Reet Petite
      • FunTear Furniture -> a desk, worktop or DJ-booth based on our FunTear designs
      • FunTear Concrete -> A concrete version of Funtear Retro as a tiny house building (prototype 2021)

Do you have special whishes? Don’t hesitate to call us. We are used to thinking out of the box! Founding customers are welcome!

Call +31 88 11 61 200 or mail for a nice chat or an appoinment! If you want us to create special designs or custom jobs it is essential to visit us. We are 10 miles from a major airport and we will credit your plane tickets on purchase!

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