Funtear Retro USP

our unique selling points
Funtear Retro tourers & commercial purpose trailers

monocoque welded frame

solid galvanized chassis

lightweight honeycomb floor

Funtear: The Difference is in the Details!

Funtear Structures is the Dutch manufacturer of the 1950’s Funtear Retro style aluminium caravans and trailers.  Purpose-built to order for both travel and promotional use or foodtrucks. We started our business in 2003 and started to manufacture ourselves in 2010. So we can honestly state we paid our dues.

The American Retro style aluminium riveted trailers are also referred to as Aircraft style trailers. A sort of time capsule trailer. Nowadays a lot of brands are manufacturing this type of trailer again after being the sole territory of Airstream Inc. for a couple of decades. Even the Chinese businesses are trying to seduce you with very cheap trailers. As labour is the main component of costs this may not come as a surprise. But galvanizing your chassis or welding it are also things you should know about.

The thing most people puzzles, is the pricing of this type of trailer. All the different options and the different set of rules in the global economy does not make it any easier for webbrowsing consumers. In general there is just 1 thing very true. There is no such thing as cheap. There is always a reason for the price of products. Just the way they are sold makes a great difference. The best advise we can give you if you are in the market for our great product? Make an inventory of your demands and expectations. Make a budget! Easier said than done; we know 🙂 …


Let’s speak for ourselves. What makes Funtear different and stand out in the crowd!


  • Purpose build to your whishes – no standard production
  • We can show you a lot of demonstrators (our rental stock)
  • Segmented and flanged top panels
  • Panoramic windows available
  • Choice in aluminium, cedar wood or fiber shells
  • Great variety in models (not just caravans)
  • Fifth Wheel model available
  • Welded rigid chassis (or standard production Al-Ko chassis to choice)
  • Welded frame construction for alu trailers
  • Lightweight Honeycomb subflooring (no wood used here)
  • Galvanized chassis
  • Aluminium framed windows
  • Internal height 2.10m
  • Build in Europe to EU specs
  • Choice between mechanical or electric brakes
  • Easily shop for a stylish interior in our new webshop (more articles comming!)
  • Lot’s of 3D designs for custom build interiors
  • Knowledgeable and product driven advise

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