Funtear Structures are build to EU specs. We comply to all EU standards in any EU country. Every Funtear comes with an Individual Type Approval (E4). Every European country has to accept this approval and issue a license. When you collect your Funtear you can apply for a local license by offering your vehicle for inspection. The authorities need to check if the vehicle you are licensing is the same as stated on our documents. That makes sense!

What is somewhat confusing for some is the Individual Type Approval procedure. Funtears are not mass produced like most big manufacturers. That’s why an Individual Type Approval is issued by Dutch RDW after inspection. There is no such thing as a COC for individually build units.

Funtears are licensed all over Europe. We have them in The Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Germany, Luxemburg, France, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Switzerland and Denmark. In most countries it a small procedure to get your local license.

The only country so far we know that takes a long time is Belgium. We do not know why. Just a fact.