Our classic Funtear Retro model line has a riveted aluminium shell build on a welded frame. The individual sheets of aluminium are also sealed with Dekasyl sealants to create a waterproof trailer. Due to it’s structural features the aluminium will expand in warm conditions and shrink in colder conditions. On top of that there is great pressure on the trailers during transports. For the sealants this is a heavy duty use and therefore you need to check them regularly. In course of time small cracks in the sealant can cause some leakage. You can address this rather simply.

If you encounter a leakage it can be hard to determine exactly where it is. Most of the times it occurs around the roof vents, airconditioning openings and windows. Best fix is to reseal these areas. It is a very simple job which is not very time consuming.

On the roofs we use Dekasyl 1512 butyl sealant. Near the aircon and roof vents we also use butyl tape. In between the sheets on the top segments we use the Dekasyl 8936 sealant. The inner shells are sealed with Dekasyl MS-2.

If you don’t want to reseal your trailer yourself you can visit any independent caravan service center all around the globe. Normally it takes no more than 2 hours in total. Funtear customers can always bring their unit to the mothership in Boxtel NL for service. The first 4 years we offer a free sealing service performed in our factory..





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