Funtear builds in 3 shell types and all sort of categories. All Funtears are purpose-build to customer demands. Funtears are full monocoque constructions.We start we an empty base vehicle.

Funtear Shell Types

  1. Aluminium Riveted Shell -> Funtear Retro
    The classic aircraft style riveted aluminium body. Used for travel trailers, lodges, foodtrucks, commercial purpose, rental units
  2. Red Cedar Wood -> Funtear Woody
    Same shape, different material. Used as static units as guesthouse, sauna or AirBNB location
  3. Glassfiber -> Funtear Fiber
    Glassfiber reproduction of the classic Retro. Used as bartrailer or foodtruck

Funtear Models

  1. Funtear Retro -> travel trailers and commercial purpose
  2. Funtear Cedar Woody -> guesthouses and saunabooth
  3. Funtear Lodge & Cabin -> tiny house versions of our classics for leisureparks
  4. Funtear Float -> retro constructions on a pontoon for marinas
  5. Funtear 5th wheel -> big 5th wheel version of our retro model
  6. Funtear Fiber -> glassfiber reproductions of our retro model for use as bartrailer or foodtruck

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