When it comes to the starting position of every trailer we start with a chassis. To begin with: every chassis we use on a towable trailer is galvanized (opposed to the steel chassis used in he USA). For our Funtear Structures we use several chassis platforms depending on your model choice.

For Funtear Retro and Funtear 5th wheel we use a handbuild solid welded chassis. For a riveted structure it is important to use solid welded chassis instead of a standard bolted on production chassis (like the BPW and AL-KO).

For the Funtear Cabins and Lodge we use standard welded mobile home chassis. Using standard chassis keeps the pricing down.

For the Funtear Cedar Woody we use an impregnated Douglas wooden frame as this most frequently is a static unit. Of course we can add wheels to the structure if legislation requires such.

For the Funtear Fiber platform we use a bolted on AL-KO 13″ production chassis. The used AL-KO platform does not have wheel arches inside the vehicle.