In 2017 Funtear started to actually bring one of the ideas of the Funtear Lab to life. The iconic aircraft style design would make a great rental unit on a leisure park. But for most parks the regular Funtear Retro units are too small to fit the number of guests they require. The second idea behind the Funtear Cabin & Lodge was to keep the price as low as possible. A lot of features on a Funtear Retro towable are simply not used on a Lodge in a leisure park. Secondly the interior of a leisure unit need to be of a somewhat different nature. Normal toilets, normal bathrooms and normal kitchens are required! Voilá: The Funtear Cabin & Lodge.

So that is when we took a standard mobile holiday home chassis and we enlarged the iconic design, What comes out are 3.65m wide Tiny House units. We build them in an 8m length and a stunning 11.5m length. On both models we offer an optional trolley top roof for a nice balance and light in your Funtear Lodge. Due to the size we can use a lot of standard furniture. No funny corners to be cut of in bedrooms or cabinets 🙂

Funtear Cabins & Lodge can also be build on a pontoon for use in marinas. We call those our FunFloats. Pricing starts at € 54.500 ex VAT EXW.