By far the most frequently asked question. But also the most difficult one to answer. That’s why we saved it for last. In general we believe that every price has a source. Cheaper products are build or sold cheaper. So making a price comparison only makes sense when you take everything into consideration. And that is where marketing comes in. What do you really know about the product you are willing to buy?

Funtear manufactures purpose-build trailers. We are a small production company where most components are handbuild in small series. So every comparison with standard production units do not make sense. We our proud of our product. We make it a different product than anybody else. We have our own chassis, our own windows, our own doors, our own floors and our own flanged segments. We have our own design and we do exactly what YOU want us to build. We can make endless variations. What is important to you? Heavy duty vehicles need a heavy duty chassis! We do not cut on a budget there when safety is at stake! And so we can talk for hours about the choices we make.

The price of your Funtear depends on a lot of different choices you have to make. The most visible choice is the choice for a shell type. The classic aluminium shell or the cedar wood or the glass fiber? The production time of the aluminium shell is the longest as opposed to the glass fiber which takes the least time. So the aluminium shells takes the most out of your budget as where the fiber takes the least with the red cedar in the middle.

To give some straight answers for ready to be outfitted base shells:

  • Funtear Teardrop starts at € 14.995
  • Funtear Woody starts at € 19.500
  • Funtear Fiber starts at € 19.750
  • Funtear Reet Petite starts at € 25.275
  • Funtear Retro starts at € 37.400

Pricing EXW ex VAT.

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