Retro Models 2018

Retro Models 2018

Jan 18, 2019

FunTear Retro Travel Trailers

riveted aluminium handbuild aircraft style structures for recreation and travel

FunTear Retro Promo Trailers

custom build aluminium riveted structures for commercial use like promotions, roadshows or as a foodtruck

travel & commercial trailers

FunTear retro 

Funtear Retro models are aircraft style, riveted aluminium and towable trailers.  Made for both travel and commercial use. Interiors are custom built to order. We always make 3D designs to visualize your wishes.

Funtear Retro models are build on a solid galvanized 15″ chassis with a welded frame construction. No wooden subfloors are used. The Retro model line comes in 6 different sizes in both single and twin axle options.

Funtear: The Difference Is In The Details


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Funtear | Retro models

Funtear Retro models range from 4.50m lenght to 10.10m. Basic models include interior metal and are ready to be fitted out with your own design floorplan


4.5 m

single axle


5.90 m

single axle


5.90 m

twin axle


7.30 m

twin axle


8.70 m

twin axle


10.10 m

twin axle