Woody Models

Jan 28, 2019

Funtear Woody Tiny House

The ultimate tiny house for AirBNB location, guesthouse or leisure parks. Starts at 30m2

Funtear Trolly Top Woody Cabin

The Funtear Cabin in a Red Cedar Wood edition. Equiped with an aluminium trolly top

red cedar wood | guesthouse

Woody Models

Funtear Structures is about customization. We taylor make everything to your wishes. When it comes to sizes we stick to the same sizes as we use for our classic Funtear Retro trailers. The floorplans will depend on the use you have for the Funtear Woody. Is the trailer used as a sauna or bathroom area in a Tin Can Town concept or is it a fully equipped guesthouse?

Our base 2.20m wide shells:

  • Funtear 31 Woody – 3.10meters sauna cabin
  • Funtear 45 Woody – 4.50m red cedar shell
  • Funtear 59 Woody – 5.90m red cedar shell
  • Funtear 73 Woody – 7.30m red cedar shell
  • Funter 87 Woody – 8.70m red cedar shell

The Funtear Woody cabins are build for permanent placement but can also be build on a mobile home chassis to match local legislation. The 8m and 11.5m Cabin versions are also an option with a trolly top. The use of shingles speeds up the building process considerably compared to the riveted aluminium shells. That’s why the Woody is a great alternative for our classic line and budget friendly.

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Other Funtear models

The constructions we build… Retro Towables, Foodtrucks, Cabins, 5th Wheels, Red Cedar Woodies, Floats, Funtear Fiber


4.5 m

single axle


5.90 m

single axle


5.90 m

twin axle


7.30 m

twin axle


8.70 m

twin axle


10.10 m

twin axle

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