FunTear Retro II XXL

FunTear Custom | FunBeer Mobile Brewery

FunTear Retro II XL (SSL version)

FunTear Tesla edition

FunTear Retro II XL model 2014

FunTear Retro II QT – small & stylish

FunTear Silver Bullet Teardrop

FunTear FMH Magazine photoshoot

FunTear Retro II Geborsteld Aluminium Versie – Onderhoudsvrij!

FunTear Retro Food Trailers

FunTear Retro II Klassieke Wieldoppen

FunTear Retro II features flanged segments

FunTear Retro II XL Commercial – Triple Hatch

FunTear Retro 23 Hatchback Version

Welcome at FunTear | Aircraft Style Structures with Heart & Soul | Custom build

FunTear Retro Touring Caravans

FunTear constructs aircraft style aluminum structures (caravans, teardrops, motor homes, cabins and floating cabins). Inspired by the 1950s USA retro style. FunTears are 100% hand built to our customer wishes. FunTears are available in both mirror shine polished aluminum or maintenance free brushed anodized aluminum. Built with heart & soul.

FunTear Touring Caravans

FunTear Commercial Caravans and Cabins

FunTear Retro striking design makes it perfect for commercial purposes. As Food Truck or Food Trailer with one or more sales hatches FunTear is in demand. As mobile home or cabin on campsites who want to offer their guests an extraordinary Glamping experience. For promos FunTear is a highly sought after trailer.

Commercial Trailers

FunTear : The Difference Is In The Detail!

Funtear builds aluminum structures with a self-supporting body. This makes a FunTear perfect for a fully customized interior. You build your home away from home with ease in a unique FunTear. With the same ease we build you a cabin or mobile home for glamping, an office on wheels or an original food truck. Building a FunTear always starts with an inspiring order intake in which your needs and your budget are inventoried. We have an order lead time of 12 weeks minimum. It is advised to book your production slot at an early stage. We have more than 17 finished products here to inspire you.

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