FunTear Reet Petite Food Trailer

Funtear Reet Petite – Smallest Aircraft Style Food Trailer

She got what it takes! Starting at € 21.950 ex vat

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Our FunTear Reet Petite Food Trailerwas introduced in 2015. It is an awesome 1950’s aircraft styled Food trailer. Great for festivals and easily towed with any vehicle. Like  Jackie Wilson sung: She Got What It Takes! This tiny trailer comes in 3 versions with 3 different specs. It has a 3 meters (9FT) or 3,5 meters (11FT) shell and comes with a square rear door and a sales hatch. The  FunTear Reet Petite is specially constructed as a commercial unit and for use as food trailer. But our guess is nobody will object you making a mini-caravan out of it,…


The affordable FunTear Reet Petite retails starting € 21.950 ex VAT

Order now for may  2015 delivery !!!!

The ideal Food Trailer for:

  • Espresso & Barista
  • Coffee Bar
  • Sandwiches en Panini
  • Ice vending
  • Crepes
  • Veggie Food
  • Streetfood

Specs FunTear Reet Petite:

  • Single axle max 950 kg load
  • 13 inch wheels
  • plain alu, mirror shine polish or brushed anodized alu
  • anodised aluminium interior
  • Length shell 3.00 or 3.50 meter
  • Length trailer 3.90 meter
  • Width 2.00 m or 2.20 meter
  • Height 2.40 meter
  • Empty 495/580/630 kg
  • Sales hatch streetside
  • Square rear door

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