FunTear 2017 Models

New Aluminum Retro Caravans & Teardrops – Aircraft Style Trailers

[singlepic id=24 w=320 h=240 float=left]FunTear is a small Dutch manufacturer specializing in aluminum riveted new Retro style caravans and teardrops. Best know as ‘Aircraft Style Caravans’ and frequently reverenced as Silver Bulltes. FunTears are available in both  recreational versions as in commercial versions for events, roadshows, catering and promotions.

FunTears are completely custom built to your own wishes, ideas and demands. Our concept provides in complete freedom in determining the layout of your FunTear. This way we can guarantee that your FunTear is truly unique in the world.

In designing the floorplan, you can choose from a variety of 3D drawings made by us in which you decide for the material and color selections. Of course we also provide custom designs to suit your own whishes and needs. You are free to choose your own appliances!

FunTear: The Difference is in the Details!!

FunTear models

1. FunTear Alu Teardrop mini caravans

2. FunTear Retro -> new riveted  aluminium retro caravans

  • 2017 FunTear Retro II  QT – length 4.50 meter – single axle
  • 2017 FunTear Retro II SA – length 5.90 meter – single axle
  • 2017 FunTear Retro  II TA – length 5.90 – twin axle
  • 2017 FunTear Retro II XL – length 6.80 meter – twin axle
  • 2017 FunTear Retro II XLE – lenght 7.30 meter – twin axle
  • 2017 FunTear Retro II XXL – length 8.70 meter – twin axle
  • 2017 FunTear Retro II XXXL – lenght 10.10 meter – twin axle


FunTear Caravan: Built with heart & soul!

Call us for a visit in our factory! +31 88 1161200. We are located 10 miles from Eindhoven Airport and 70 miles from Schiphol Airport.


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