Funtear Mansion

This unit is espacially designed for leisure parks and glampings. 

Funtear Mansion

Tiny House Funtear
3.65m wide | 8 or 11.5m long | various options | trolley top

Funtear Float

the Funtear waterhouse
cabins and retro’s build on floating pontoons

Funtear Mansion

Work in progress on a Cabin Lodge 115

Funtear MANSION 850

This unique Tiny House Funtear is a staggering 3.65m wide on a 8.50m lenght. An upgrade of our regular classic retro models to a mobile home chassis platform. For static use only.

Funtear MANSION 115

Our largest 45m2 ‘big’ Tiny House. This Funtear is genuinly our largest product and can sleep up to 10 guests in 3 rooms. A great multifunctional home for leisure parks and campsites

Funtear float

Our country is famous for watermanagement. So no surprise we also build the FunFloat waterhouse. A combination of a FunCabin and a pontoon. Great way to offer accomodations in marinas




The Funtear Mansion is our Tiny House unit. It is build on a 3.65m wide mobile home chassis. It makes a great retro style home. The Funtear Mansion is your ideal AirBNB location or guesthouse.

Funtear Mansions are build especially for use on leisure parks and campsites.  As an option on our Cabins we offer a trolly top roof.

The Funtear Mansions are also available as a waterhouse build on floating pontoons for  marinas.

For leisure parks FunTear offers a unique concept: Tin Can Town. In the USA, the country where the origin of aircraft construction structures is located, our riveted aluminum constructions affectionately are called ‘Tin Cans’.


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Funfloat cube

Small cubical Funfloat of 4.50 meter length and a 3.65 meter width.

Funfloat excellent

The Excellent FunFloat is the XL version of 7.5 meters on a 3.65 wodth

Funfloat amphi

FunFloat Amphi; best of both worlds. A Funtear retro XL on a pontoon

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