Funtear Glamping

Funtear Retro XL used as Glamping rental in Tuscany Italy


the 5.90 – 7.30 m long units
choose your own glamping interior



the 8-11.5m tiny house lodges
riveted aluminum 1950’s style


the 4.50m – 8.50m red cedar pods
guest house or sauna units

add retro experience to leisure



Not only glamping is a fashionable word. The Funtear Retro also is a fashionable glamping Trailer. The most commonly used size is the Funtear Retro XL version to fit a nice floorplan for 2 or 4 guests.

Of course the size is decided upon by our customers and in terms of use we can imagine all sorts of varieties nested together. What about a combination of our large Tiny House Cabin units, combined with Funtear Woody editions and topped of with some nice Funtear Foodtruck….. That’s what we call a..

Tin Can Town


Call us for an appointment at 088 – 11 61 200 and come see the many examples that we can show you and how a Retro Resort will bring a great Experience to your park.

Building and delivery time.
The construction time of a Funtear Glamping unit averages between 8-10 weeks. Delivery time depends on many factors such as availability of production slots and the supply of parts. It is possible to buy a fixed production slot (fixed start of production) with us, so you can determine the desired delivery time. By buying a production slot in time, it is possible to determine the delivery time in advance. Buying a production lock is only applicable to customers for whom the delivery time is of great importance. Buying a production slot is of course not mandatory.


funtear tin can town units


Great Funtear combinations

 Start Glamping and add Tin Can Town features. These Funtears make great accomodations on your resort!

  • Funtear Retro XL (wide body)
  • Funtear Woody 6 or Woody Cabin edition
  • Funtear Cabin Lodge 115
  • Funtear Float Waterhouse
  • Funtear Woody 8
  • Funtear Cabin Lodge 80
  • Funtear Woody Sauna Pod
  • Funtear Silver Bullet teardrop

A Funtear as office reception desk or a Funtear Foodtruck as a diner complete the picture.


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Funtear: The Difference Is In The Details!

Funtear Structures is your business partner for custom build aircraft style structures. We build our units in riveted aluminum, red cedar wood or glasfiber. There is always a version that fits your budget.

Funtear has a large model range of retro trailers, 5th wheels, motorhomes, lodges, waterhouses and food trucks . With the different shell materials we have offerings for every possible realistic budget starting € 14.995 ex VAT.

Get in touch to arrange a meeting, get a personal advise or a quote or 3D drawing.



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