Funtear Retro High 5

The 11.50m Funtear Retro 5th wheel trailer.   This large trailer does not have wheel arches and can be used for promotions and makes a great stage trailer!

FunTear Retro XL

custom build aluminium riveted structures for commercial use like promotions, roadshows or as a foodtruck

high five stage

the 11.50m long 5th wheel trailer
the giant aluminium Funtear Retro

Funtear stage

FIBER stage

the 11.50m long 5th wheel
the fiberglass unit

RETRO stage

the 11.50m long 5th wheel
mobile stage or roadshow unit

5th wheel trailer


Funtear Retro High 5


The Funtear Retro High 5 is the biggest Retro we can build. With a total lenght of 11.50m and a normal pickup truck in front you reach the maximum lenght for European roads. This 5th wheel trailer is coupled with a king pin dish on the flatbed of the pickup truck it tows.

Because of the 5th wheel construction the rear axles can be placed at the end and we avoid having wheel arches. The total space inside the trailer is completely free. Great for a stage trailer or a large roadshow trailer.

You can have a generously proportioned floor plan in this very large unit.

You can also shop here for magnificent vintage furniture to create your own smashing floorplan in your Funtear Retro QT. The great thing about custom Funtears is you can do a lot yourself too if you want.


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funtear high 5 specs


Funtear High 5


  • Shell lenght 11.50m
  • Shell width 2.20m
  • King Pin Dish Flatbed coupler
  • Electric brakes
  • 5th wheel Chassis
  • Dual Axle
  • Empty weight 1800 kg
  • Lightweight Honeycomb Subfloor
  • Welded monocoque construction
  • No wheel arch in interior
  • Fully insulated
  • Maximum load 3500 kg
  • For Pickup trucks only (min 2500)
  • great roadshow unit
  • 25 m2 space
  • Slide out available


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4.5 m

single axle


5.90 m

single axle


5.90 m

twin axle


7.30 m

twin axle


8.70 m

twin axle


10.10 m

twin axle

Funtear retro foodtrucks

  • 3.10 – 10.10m shell sizes
  • rear door and sales hatch standard
  • 600 – 2500 kg empty weight
  • 1500-1800-3500 kg max load
  • plain, polished, SSL, colored shell

funtear retro high five

  • 11.50m shell
  • rear axle and king pin dish coupler
  • electric brake system
  • 3500 kg max load
  • plain, polished, SSL, colored shell

Funtear retro interiors

  • great matching sofa’s, tables booths
  • pick your own kitchen unit
  • let us make a 3D design

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