No, certainly not. Airstream Inc. is a fellow manufacturer who also builds aircraft style aluminium caravans. Technically, there are more differences than similarities. Airstream is probably the best-known builder of the aluminium riveted type of products and is often identified with the type itself. Airstream only produces travel trailers/campervans and is part of the largest RV manufacturer in the world: Thor Industries. In 2017 Airstream also required Nest and entered the glasfiber markets with Airstream Nest products.

FunTear Structures originated from a restoration company of old American aluminum caravans (Tin Cans) and has gained extensive knowledge of the building process. FunTear has transformed that knowledge into an own product. Funtears are a European product and therefore build to European standards from scratch.

Other renewed companies who still manufacture aircraft style trailers are Bowlus Road Chief, Silver Bullet and Silverstreak. Back in the 1950’s there were numerous companies active. Aircraft style trailers are mainly handbuild which makes them a totally different league compared to standard production trailers.

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