What is the difference between the different types of aluminum we can choose for our Funtear is a frequently asked question. Here is the explanation.

First of all. Aircraft style trailers are initially not intended to have a mirror shine. It ia a consequence of removing corroded spots on aluminium. Corrosion occurs when untreated aluminium is exposed to oxygen. Typically Vintage trailers were protected by wax or clear coat. Once that is gone corrosion starts! Clear coat has a 20 year life span… So that explains why Vintage trailer often are mirror shine polished.

So the first sort of aluminium we use is untreated aluminium. This aluminium will age rather quickly and have a matt elephant skin like finish. Corrosion on aluminium will not ‘eat’ away the material. It is just a sort of powder finish. So for a real Vintage look and feel…. untreated aluminium. And it is the cheapest sort we can use.

Secondly we offer the prepolished aluminium skin. The sheets will mechanically be polished to a high mirror shine look. Your trailer will look stunning. You can wax your polished skin to keep it in good condition. In due time you need to re-polish your trailer. We advice to keep it up-to-date every other year. Maintenance of polished surfaces takes some tools and will be 30 minutes per square meter.

The most sold however is bright SSL. This is u brushed and anodized Stainless Steel Look. Anodized aluminium is protected from getting corroded. This is a maintenance free material. Just water en soap will do. On top of this we can apply an extra layer of clear coat to prevent surface scratching.

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