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Aluminium American style Retro caravans, teardrops and motorhomes (campers) is what we are specialized in. FunTear Retro Caravans & Motorhomes custom builds several unique models. In the sidebar menu of this website you will see an overview of the (empty) basic models and examples of interior designs


FunTear Retro


In 2014, the Retro II model series was introduced and updated in 2017. The most important new feature is the application of flanged edges on the top segments and the introduction of the new panorama windows. FunTear Retro II features a structure with four basic sizes (4.5m, 5.9m,7.3m and 8.70m)

FunTear High Five

In 2019 we added the High Five., The 5th wheel version of the Funtear Retro. 


FunTear Silver Bullet Teardop


Our first self constructed model is still available today. A true teardrop constructed the same way as our FunTear Retro models. Totally self-supporting with an aluminium structure and beautifully rounded teardrop shape. The teardrop is a real minicaravan for true campers. In 2017 we will introduce our FunTear Big Bullet. A full size teardrop shaped caravan.




FunTear Vroom Motorhome


Still on the drawing board. The FunTear Vroom Motorhome is based on a Mercedes Sprinter motorhome chassis. We are looking for a founding customer! Challenge us!


Construction and delivery times.


The construction period of a Funtear averages between 6-12 weeks. Delivery time depends on many factors such as availability of production slots and the supply of materials and components. Starting January 1, 2017, it is possible to buy a fixed production slot (fixed initial production) to help you determine the required delivery. By timely buying a production slot. Finally, it is possible to determine the delivery time in advance. Buying a production slot is intended for customers for whom the delivery date is of great importance. Buying a production slot is not obligatory.


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