Funtear Reet Petite

Our smallest 3.10m riveted aluminium trailer.
You can order in plain, polished or
anodized SSL aluminium

Funtear Reet Petite

riveted aluminium handbuild aircraft style structures for recreation and travel

FunTear Retro QT

custom build aluminium riveted structures for commercial use like promotions, roadshows or as a foodtruck

Retro QT Tourer

the 4.50m long single axle tourer
choose your own custom interior

Reet Petite Food

Reet petite Foodtruck

the 3.10m single axle foodtruck
standard service hatch and rear door

Retro QT Promo

the 4.50m long single axle tourer
mobile office or roadshow unit

smallest riveted aluminium funtear


Funtear Reet Petite


The FunTear Reet Petite was introduced in 2015 as our smallest Funtear Retro. Totally 1950s style and totally amazing! And as Jackie Wilson already sang: She Got What It Takes! An ultra-small FunTear aircraft style trailer with a construction of only 3.10 meters, equipped with a rear door and a sales hatch of a meter as standard! The FunTear Reet Petite is purpose-built as a vending trailer and foodtruck on a 13 “chassis platform, but nobody will object if you make a mini caravan.

Small Food Trucks & Food Trailers are very popular and the FunTear Reet Petite is a very good starting point for it and also very affordable! Is aluminum above your budget? We also have the Funtear Fiber and the Funtear Teardrops.

The great thing about custom Funtears is you can do a lot yourself too if you want.


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funtear reet Petite specs




Funtear Reet Petite

  • Shell lenght 3.10m
  • Shell width 2.20m
  • Lenght incl. A frame/hitch 4.25m
  • Chassis 13″
  • Single Axle
  • Empty weight 600 kg
  • Welded monocoque construction on solid chassis
  • Fully insulated
  • Maximum load 1300 kg
  • 4 jacks
  • appliances and custom worktops
  • rear door
  • service hatch 1 meter


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4.5 m

single axle


5.90 m

single axle


5.90 m

twin axle


7.30 m

twin axle


8.70 m

twin axle


10.10 m

twin axle

other foodtruck sizes

  • 3.10 – 10.10m shell sizes
  • rear door and sales hatch standard
  • 600 – 2500 kg empty weight
  • 1500-1800-3500 kg max load
  • plain, polished, SSL, colored shell

funtear retro high five

  • 11.50m shell
  • rear axle and king pin dish coupler
  • electric brake system
  • 3500 kg max load
  • plain, polished, SSL, colored shell

Funtear Fiber

  • Budget friendly glass fiber
  • Starting 3.5m shell size 
  • Max load 1800 – 3500 kg
  • single and dual axle available
  • all colors