The Coon| Funtear Clone

When your brand gets relevant you get your own clone

The Clone

Funtear statement regarding The Coon B&B concept. For everybody interested in this so-called concept we think it makes sence to give some background info.  As you may notice this project resembles our Funtear structures like Retro, Cabin and Float in a strong way. Funtear however has got nothing to do with the manufacturing of these units although we can state that original material was stolen from us to be copied.

Funtear likes to express that aircraft style structures are build all over the world. But every manufacturer has it’s own style and features. In this matter it is clear that special Funtear characterisics are fully copied. In fact the original Funtear drawings were used as a base for this.

Though we fully disapprove of the actions of Waterrijk as the manufacturer of ‘The Coon’ we just issue this statement for everybody interested to read. We just urge people to buy original products.


The Coon

‘The Coon B&B project’, first introduced in 2017,  pretends to be an original concept. Based on own ideas. In fact it is a copy of original Funtear idea’s and drawings. The concept was stolen from our company by a former employee. The Funtear Float design was first published on our ‘Labs’ page more than 15 years ago (2004 to be exact)


aircraft style design

It is not that Aircraft Style designs are unique. Multiple manufacturers are active in this market. But the way ‘The Coon’  is conceived is based on illegal actions by Waterrijk owner Vincent van Uden and his partner Guus Trieling. They claim it as their own ‘original’ while it is very obvious that The Coon is a blunt copy of our Funtear’s designs including the Retro, Cabin and Float units. Just one look is enough to recognize 4 major Funtear characteriscs.