Funtear Red Cedar Woody

Red Cedar Shell Type Funtear

Red Cedar Shell Type Funtear

classic Funtear design in Scandinavian style

red cedar woody

The Red Cedar static version of our classic retro models. The cedar wood gives this unit a great organic Scandinavian look. The Woody is build in a 2.20 m wide tiny house version in various lenghts.

red cedar woody lodge

The Woody Lodge is our wooden version based on the Funtear Cabin series. A large unit with several rooms and open space. This platform sits on a  a 3.65m floor width and has a 8m length or a 10m length

red cedar woody diners

Are you looking for a matching food court in your park? The Funtear Woody Diner could be a great choice. A large space to fit a lot of guests. The diner is based om the cabin lodges.



This is what happens when you replace the riveted aluminium shell for Red Cedar Wood. A classic shingle roofing style. It gives the Funtear Woody a more Scandinavian or Canadian look. The FunTear Woody is the ideal guesthouse or addition to a Tin Can Town leisure concept.

The Funtear Woody can also be build on a mobile home chassis to match local legislation. The use of shingles speeds up the building process considerably compared to the riveted aluminium shells. That’s why the Woody is a great alternative for the aluminium shells and more budget friendly.


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